For parents with children who would like to try a session, we recommend that you bring them along to a track evening.  The Under 11's meet on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at the running track at William Parker School at 5.30pm (for children over 11 and adults the start time is 6.30pm also on on a Tuesday and Thursday).   Please come to the main gate at the track. 

**Please note that the cost for trial sessions is £3.00 for U11's and £5.00 for the older groups and adults**  

For adults, you can either join us on the track on a Tuesday or Thursday evening (6.30pm start) or for a road session.  Please note the trial and membership policy, for more information please click here.

For times and locations of training sessions please get in touch or join our members only forum where you can find updates on training times and venues.

We welcome all abilities and hope to see you soon!

Peter Baker's group training information:

Monday 6.30 Dordrecht Way

Winter & Summer. Supported steady 4.8 mile run utilising the same course each week. People run at their own pace.


Tuesday 6.30 Hastings and Bexhill Rugby Club William Parker School

Winter & Summer. A speed endurance session towards the endurance end of that spectrum. This season is run on grass to minimise impact and to prevent injury. The training method can accommodate athletes who run at differing speeds as the repetitions are timed. This has proved to be suitable training for runners specialising in 800m to marathon distances.


Thursday 6.30 William Parker Track

Summer track based speed endurance sessions designed to train toward the speed end of the spectrum. Repetitions are set according to distance and individual times are give for each repetition in order for the athlete to gauge progress and develop pace judgement. These sessions suit athletes specialising in track based competition from 800m to 5000m.


A 2 km tempo and hill repetitions. This suits athletes running cross country and road.


Periodic video gait analysis and remedial drills are conducted throughout the year.  All welcome.

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